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Natural Nutrition Introduction Certificate Package - Distance Education


We invite you to discover the exciting and rewarding field of Natural Nutrition by beginning with the first two courses from our Natural Nutrition Diploma Program. This option provides an opportunity for you to become familiar with both the subject matter and the concept of distance learning, with minimal commitment in terms of both time and finances. Applicants must have a high school diploma or be 19 years of age or older.


NN101A - Fundamentals of Nutrition I - A comprehensive overview of the field of nutrition. This subject leads us to study and understand the link between nutrition and preventive medicine. It explains the role of macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals in the diet, and the importance of water. It describes how certain dietary habits undermine our health, and provides suggestions for ways to overcome these habits. It looks at the effect of pollution on our health and the health of our planet.

NN101B - Fundamentals of Nutrition II - Through a diet of high nutritional quality, we can support life at every stage. This subject explains the ten key components of a healthy diet; leads us through the changing nutritional needs of various age groups during growth and development. Learn basic guidelines for fasting & detoxification, and their benefits to our health.

Upon successful completion of these courses within 6 months of registration, you will receive a certificate, letter of completion and will be invited to register into the full Natural Nutrition Program beginning with NN102, Anatomy and Physiology. Successful completion of this full program will mean qualifying for your professional designation as well as for status with one or more professional organizations. 

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T2202 Tax Receipts

Please be advised that as of January 04, 2019, the Canadian Revenue Agency requires that Social Insurance Numbers must be included on T2202's.

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Tax receipts where applicable, within Canadian Revenue Agency guidelines, will be issued, for the tuition portion of the fee paid for each subject, during the tax year when work is submitted

Payment Information

  • $50.00, non-refundable down payment (you will be re-directed to a payment page upon submission of this application). 
  • $600.58, paid automatically upon review of this registration, tuition and textbook, includes shipping within Canada.
  • $683.58 total not including tax.

Canadian Residents add: 15% hst if in NL, NS or PE; 13% in ON or NB; 5% gst AND 9.975% qst in QC; 5% for other Canadian residents. No tax on materials being shipped out of Canada.
  • Payment information is stored on our credit card processor's (Bambora) Secure Database.
Students outside of Canada please note:

  • Prices are quoted in Canadian funds. Payments must be in the form of an international money order in Canadian dollars, Visa, Master Card, or Amex. Shipping charges based on weight and destination of the package will also apply. Please contact us for details. Taxes do not apply to orders shipped outside of Canada.
  • CSNN is not responsible for additional costs incurred for international shipments, additionally; CSNN is not responsible for lost or stolen packages shipped outside of Canada.

$25.00 charge for returned cheques or invalid credit card transactions.
NB: We ship only prepaid materials.
TAX RECEIPTS,  where applicable, within Canadian Revenue Agency guidelines, will be issued, for the tuition portion of the fee paid for each subject, during the tax year when work is submitted.
REFUNDS are available for unused tuition fees up to 3 months from date of payment, subject to a $200.00 administrative fee to cover registration costs and the student’s subscription to the online learning systems. No refunds on textbooks, study materials or shipping charges. There are no refunds beyond 3 months from the date of payment or once a tax receipt has been issued. Fees that are no longer refundable are non-transferrable between sessions, branches and/or participants.

Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements

The Natural Nutrition program is delivered in English via an online Learning Management System (Moodle). Students must have access to a computer that meets the following minimum technical requirements:

Operating System: Windows 8+, 10; Mac iOS 10.1.2 +, Apple OSX 10.4

Memory: 2GB

Storage Space: 1GB

CPU: Minimum quad-core 2.0GHz CPU


  • High-speed Internet
  • Adobe Reader XI or DC
  • Microsoft Office
  • Webcam and microphone
  • 1024x600 screen resolution

Minimum Browser Requirements:

  • Google Chrome version 11 (preferred)  
  • Firefox: Firefox 32
  • Internet Explorer: Version 9 (version 10 for drag and drop of files)
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari: Safari 6


Terms of Application

  • Submission of this form, whether on-line or in print, constitutes knowledge, acceptance and understanding of all CSNN policies and procedures as outlined on this website and shall be taken as confirmation that all information contained herein is true and accurate as of the date of submission.
  • Further, submission of this form releases the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Inc. and all branches and affiliations from all claims of damage arising from any accident or injury which is caused by or arises from participation of the applicant named herein, during any program or in any facility or at any location where a program is held.
  • I understand that completion of this program does not qualify me to dispense advice commercially.
  • In submitting this form, I acknowledge that I have read and understood all course descriptions. I understand and agree that ALL subjects are required and must be completed.
  • I understand that the $50.00 non-refundable down payment will be honored for 90 days only. Initial tuition payments received beyond that time, will be subject to additional fees.

Course Timeline:

The Introductory Certificate package includes a 6-month subscription to our online learning management platforms. A $30.00 + 14.975% qst/gst per month subscription fee is charged automatically to individuals that have not fulfilled completion requirements beyond the initial 6-month timeline. Students can opt out of this subscription fee by contacting CSNN Distance Education’s Administrative office before the end of their timeline. Students who opt out of this subscription will not be able to access the online platform beyond their timeline.

Should completion requirements change, students will be obligated to pay for, and upgrade any course(s) that have changed to meet with the completion requirements in place at that time. CSNN honors all completion requirements provided they have been fulfilled within the initial 6-month timeline.

Fees, course content & school policies subject to change without notice.

Additional Information

Please specify, if you were referred by a graduate, please specify their name and graduate number.

Please provide any information that may be relevant to your application in this comments section. i.e. payment adjustment/shipping quotes, awaiting funding, request for letter to confirm enrollment, prior student number etc.

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