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Advanced Holistic Nutrition - Distance Education

CSNN is committed to supporting the growth of holistic nutritionists, and other healthcare professionals, by offering continuing education workshops.  These are offered by distance education as well as at select classroom locations.  Interested students may take a combination of both flexible formats.  Applicants must be a graduate from CSNN or a certified health care professional. Confirmation of professional status must accompany registration.


Practitioners may earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Advanced Holistic Nutrition (AHN) credits for specialty certificates.  Upon achieving a minimum grade of 80% in a workshop students will receive both a credit log indicating the number of credits and CEUs which they have earned and a certificate of completion for that workshop.  

CSNN Distance Education administers these Advanced & Certificate Workshops via paper-based correspondence.

Take these workshops to:

1.  Upgrade your knowledge.

2. Specialize and get certified in the areas that most benefit your practice and your clients.

3.  Enhance your competitive edge as a practitioner.

4.  Work effectively with other practitioners in the healthcare field. 

Course costs include required study materials, and confirmation of completion.

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Advanced Workshops

Please register me for the following course(s):

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Additional Fees

Upon submission of this application form, you will be redirected to a payment page for the $25.00 non-refundable, minimum subscription fee. All other fees will be processed automatically upon review of this application.


Non-Refundable Subscription Fee, to be determined based on the number of courses and the timeline granted, minimum $25.00, paid upon submission of this application form. All remaining fees will be processed automatically once this application has been reviewed.

Non-Refundable administrative fee of $50.00 will be applied to each course selection. 

Processing Fee, $40.00 for the first course, $10.00 for each additional course purchased at the same time (this also covers shipping within Canada).

Certificate Packages:

The Immune Support Package includes AHN101A, Immunology, AHN111, Breast Cancer Prevention and AHN115 Advanced Detoxification. It involves approximately 36 hours of study time and 11 credits/CEUs.

Tuition: $563.00 + $25.00 textbook + $150.00 administrative fee + $40.00 S&H + $50.00 subscription fee. (currently active alumni members take 10% off before adding textbooks, administrative fees, shipping, subscription fee and taxes).


The Cognitive Support Package includes AHN102, Mental Health & Nutrition 1, Mood Disorders, AHN103, Mental Health & Nutrition 2, Alzheimer’s Disease and AHN119, Mindfulness and the Neuropsychoendocrinology of Regulating Eating. It involves 37 hours and 11.5 credits/CEUs.

Fee: $531.00 + $47.00 texbooks +$150.00 administrative fee +$40.00 S&H + $50.00 subscription fee (currently active alumni members take 10% off before adding textbooks, administrative fees, shipping, subscription fee and taxes).

Please specify, if you were referred by a graduate, please specify their name and graduate number.

Comments - Include anything relevant to your enrollment.

Please read carefully the following statements, and then sign below.

1. Canadian Orders subject to 15% hst if in NL, NS or PE; 13% if  in  ON or NB; 5% gst AND 9.975% qst in QC; 5% gst in all other provinces and territories. gst#874144447 


2. Foreign Orders - payment must be in CDN$, additional shipping and handling charges apply, contact us for details.


3. Refund Policy applies to transfers as well as to withdrawals.  Refunds will be issued for unused tuition up to 3 months from date of payment, subject to 15% administration charge (minimum $100.00.)  No refunds on text books or study materials.  No refunds after 3 months, or after tax receipts have been issued.

4. I hereby release the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Inc., and all branches and affiliations from claims of damage arising from any accident or injury which is caused by or arises from participation of the application named herein, during any program or in any facility or at any location where a program is held.  I have read and understood, and I agree to, the privacy policy.


5. I understand that tax receipts, where applicable, within the Canadian Revenue Agency's guidelines, will be issued for the tax year during which work is completed, not necessarily when payment has been made.

6. I understand that my timeline will be determined at the time of registration, based on the number of courses/certificates requested on this application (minimum 6 months). Specific information regarding timelines will be provided upon receipt of this application.

$25.00 fee for all returned cheques or invalid credit card transactions.  


Fees, course content & school policies subject to change without notice.

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